Friday, January 27, 2012

The Golden Buddha Experience

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THE Golden Buddha
part of town: Decatur
type of food:Chinese
Overall Rating:  That's Hot!

Oh there is so much to do in Decatur Georgia.  There are so many parks and movies, and there are so many restaurants.  So where do you do if you want the BEST Chinese cuisine?  I have the answer my friend, head on down to Clairmont Road and check out the Golden Buddha.

There is a reason why this is the first entry in my blog.  This place is everything that a Chinese Restaurant should be. Let me start with the service.  Going in I thought that I was going to get at least average service, but I was oh so pleasantly surprised at how friendly and knowledgeable the waiter was.  The key to someone coming into a restaurant they have never been there before is the server being able to make a good recommendation.  Not only on what to order, but also what NOT to order.  Fantastic.  So I order the Plum Chicken on the first go around.  The food came out hot and fast. I will tell you that this is some great tasting food.  From what I was told, everything on the menu is good, and after peeking over at the table next to me and seeing the food that my neighbors were eating, I tend to agree.  Don't like to wait for re-fills on your drink?  Not a problem at the GB, they are on your drinks like brown on fried rice (I am trying to keep it at a Chinese theme). May I also recommend the egg foo yung.  The portions are huge so make sure that you bring a friend!

So the food is great, but lets talk price.  For how good this food is, I am going to say that the Golden Buddha is a great value.  What I ordered ended up being under $10 (not including the tip).  Can't complain about that.  The Golden Buddha is absolutely a great value, and if you are hungry for a wonderful Chinese Food experience head on over to Decatur.

The GB is a small restaurant so the atmosphere was really cool and laid back.  The smaller restaurant feel means that you don't have the feeling of your waiting getting lost in the back.  The overhead music is light and doesn't overpower your conversation.

To the Golden Buddha:  Keep up the good work.  I am coming back soon!  If you are looking for Hot Food, at a Hot Price and service as Hot as the Kung Pow Chicken, head on over the the Golden Buddha! Oh and they deliver as well!! Click on the link below for more information:
Golden Buddha Chinese on Urbanspoon

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